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PostSubject: Rules MUST READ   Fri Dec 14, 2007 7:25 am

Please Read Carfully :

Chat Roon & Clan Rules :

RULES n0.1 *
once a month the officers may have a conference to implements the rlues and regulations..

RULES n0.2 *
Maximum font: 12 mas okey kung 10 lang..(NO) Black Color..

RULES n0.3 *
BawaL mg mura at mambastos sa rum.

RULES n0.4 *
BawaL ang paki2pagaway o magpatama.

RULES n0.5 *
Kung may prob. s cLan ay ipm kaAgad s mga 0fficers.

RULES n0.6 *
iWeLcome Lhat ng newbiez at bagong pasok sa room.

RULES n0.7 *
Hwag mami2Li ng mka2usap.

RULES n0.8 *
iGaLang ang mga 0fficers and Pioneers even the member.

RULES n0.9 *
Mag-Gm or Group Messge kpag my tym.

RULES n0.10 *
Umattend ng EB kpag my tym.

RULES n0.11 *
Kpag mgi2ng bc at d mkpag.online ay magpaALam sa mga 0fficers.

RULES n0.12 *
Kung my gus2 kng isaLi ay sbhin sa reCruiter. all officer are allowed to edit en self edit.

RULES n0.13 *
Pwedng bumLik ang mga nagQUiT as loNg as wLa xANg nA-vioLatE n rULes.

* must follow the rules and regulations implemented by the Founder of the clan ..Jake..... *

Site Rules :

1 : Please Respect Each Other In Forums , We Are All Brothers And Sisters. If you Have Any Issue With Other Members , Please Send A Site Pm To Any Moderator Or Admin.

2 : Anyone Who Insult Any Site Staff Member Will Be Banned.

3 : Any InActive Members Will Be Banned Or Account will Be Deactivated.

Posting Rules :

1 : Please Search the forum Before Posting And Post In The Right Section.

2 : Double Posting Is Illegal , Any Double Post Will Be Deleted By Moderators Or Admins.

3 : Post A Picture Of The Program.

4 : Replying To Threads Only For Important Issues Only ,

6 : Any Spam Posts Will Be Deleted , Then The Site Staff Will Be sorry For Banning The Spammer.

7 : Please Upload Your Files To www.2shared.com or www.4shared.com Or Use Our Partners Network File Hosting @ Files hosting www.share-files.us That Provided By Yahoo Kings.


General Rules :

Please Scan Each File you Download With www.virustotal.com Before Using The Program , We Are Humans And We do Mistakes.

Please Upload Your Pictures to www.xs.to or www.imageshack.us , or Use Our Partners NetWork ***sites By Yahoo Kings Network @

Big Singuters Will Be Deleted , Upon The Moderators Nor Administrators thoughts , If The moderator Or Administrators Think That The Signture Is Big Then It Will Be Edited nor Deleted.


ShoutBox Rules :

1 : No URLs Allowed which Means , Any ***site URL That Shows On The Shoutbox Will Be Deleted.

2 : No Insulting Words In The ShoutBox , The Member Will Be Warned For 2 times Then The Moderators Will Be Sorry For Banning The Member.

3 : Do Not Ask Questions In ShoutBox , Please Ask your Questions In The Right Forum.
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